Guide: How to Play Background Sound in Mac OS Ventura easy way?

Background Sound

While working or studying, some people tend to hear a background sound. It is calming and relaxing music that helps people to focus on the task in hand, while their mind senses peace. In doing so, you have to open up a separate music app or video streaming site to play background sound.

Not anymore! Things have become easier now. Mac users can enjoy background music without needing a third party app.

Background Sound is one of the new features introduced in mac OS Ventura.

This is a step by step guide on how you can access, turn on or turn  off background sound on Mac. Then, it will explain how you can switch between different available background sounds and customize the settings to fit your needs.

In the end, we will share a little trick with you to help you quickly access and control the background music.


Let’s get started and play around with the background sounds in Mac.

What is a Background Sound in Mac?

Background sounds help to mask the environmental noises. Thus, enables you to create a less distracted work environment for you.

Interestingly, the background sound continues to play even if you listen to any other audio.

Though, you have the option to open any music app or YouTube to listen to the background sounds. Yet, you need to explore this built-in option in Mac OS Ventura once. This has removed the extra steps and provides you access to the background sounds just two taps away. Continue reading to know how it is done.

How to Play Background Sounds in Mac?

Background sounds is not a highlighted feature in Mac. By default, it is disabled and there is no indication of its presence. However, once you know where to find background sound in Mac OS Ventura, it becomes easy to access it.

Where to Find Background Sounds in Mac OS Ventura?

  • Go to Apple Logo > System Settings.


  • Go to Launch Pad > System Settings.
System Settings in Mac
System Settings in Mac

How to Turn On Background Sound in your Mac?

  • Once the settings are opened, search or look for ‘Accessibility’ in the left pane.
  • Open Accessibility.
  • Look for Hearing > Audio.
AccessibilitySettings in Mac OS Ventura
Open Accessibility Settings
  • Open ‘Audio’.
  • See Background Sounds.
  • Turn On the toggle button.
Audio Settings
Audio Settings

How to Change the Background Sound?

  • Notice that you can also choose a background sound.
  • Click Choose and it opens up the list of options.
  • Select any sound.
    • Once you select a sound, it will be downloaded.
    • Note that you need internet connection for the first time so that the background sounds can be downloaded. Once downloaded, you can continue to enjoy listening to them without an internet connection.
Rain Background Sounds
Rain Background Sounds

How to Control the Volume?

  • You can also control the volume of the background sound with the help of volume bar.
  • Move the pointer on the scale from minimum to maximum to change background sound level.
Control Volume of Background Sound
Control Volume of Background Sound

How to Turn Off Background Sound when your MacBook is idle?

By default, this feature is turned off. However, it is recommended to keep it on to save the battery. Simply toggle it on so that when the Mac enters Lock Screen and Screen Saver mode, the background sound is automatically turned off.

  • Toggle on ‘Turn off background sounds when your Mac is not in use’.

Turn Off the Background Sound

  •  Toggle off the ‘Background Sounds’.

Tip: How to Add Shortcut for Background Sound in Mac OS Ventura?

As we discussed earlier, it is possible to access and control background sounds with just two taps. Now, is the time to share the trick.

  • Go to Apple Logo > System Settings.
  • Look for ‘Control Centre’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Hearing’.

Here, you will see two different options.

  • Show in Menu Bar: Toggle it on to see the ‘Hearing’ icon in the menu bar.
  • Show in Control Centre: Toggle it on to see the ‘Hearing’ icon in the control centre.
Add Hearing to Control Centre
Add Hearing to Control Centre
  • Turn on the ‘Show in the Menu Bar’.
  • See the ‘Hearing’ icon in the menu bar.
  • In the below snapshot, you can see the ‘Icon’ in blue. This indicates that the background sound is playing.
  • Upon clicking, you will see the options to control the background sounds.
    • This is a compact view to turn on, change and control volume of the background sound.
Background Sound Shortcut
Background Sound Shortcut
  • Similarly, you can turn off the background sound by clicking the ‘Hearing’ icon.
Turn Off Background Sound
Turn Off Background Sound

Limitations with Background Sounds in Mac OS Ventura

Though we loved exploring the background sounds in Mac, yet there are a few limitations.

  • There is no way, at the moment, to set the custom background sounds. This means that you can not download any file of your choice to be used as background sound.
  • There is no option to set a timer on the background sounds.
  • There is no setting to turn off the background sound when another media plays.


Every person has a different style to stay focused while working. Some prefer to hear relaxing background sound to mask the distracting environmental noises. If you are one of those, Apple has introduced Background Sound feature in Mac OS Ventura for you. 

Background sound in Mac can be managed through system settings. In this guide, we have understood how to turn on and customize the background sound settings. Though we shared some limitation, but this feature is worth giving a try.

Let us know of your opinion about Background Sound feature in Mac OS Ventura!

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