How to Download, Install and Setup KeePass on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone

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In today’s digital age, you can access a world full of possibilitIes by signing up to the corresponding forums and services. You need to remember your credentials only. However, this simple task of remembering passwords becomes a hectic one when you have numerous accounts.

Do not worry! We have figured out an easy way for you to manage and remember your passwords.

KeePass is a powerful password manager that allows you to synchronize your passwords amongst all devices.

In this article, we will explain why do you need a password manager, what is a KeePass password manager and what is the cost of KeePass.

The next section will cover how to download and set up KeePas on Windows or Mac machines. Further, we will briefly talk about how to use KeePass on Android and iOS devices. Lastly, we will understand how to setup Keypass for the first time.


Why do I need a Password Manager?

You need a username and password to create an online account whether it’s a social network account, an email account, a bank account, an online store, an e-commerce site, a student portal at a school or institution, etc.

It becomes difficult for anyone to remember so many passwords. Hence, some people choose easy passwords or same passwords for several accounts. This leaves you vulnerable to the hacker’s malicious attacks.

The dilemma is that easy passwords are easy to hack. Whereas, difficult passwords are difficult to remember.

A password manager solves this problem by allowing you to store all your passwords in one secure place.

What is KeePass Password Manager?

KeePass is a simple yet extremely useful and free password manager. All of your passwords can be kept in a database that is secured with a master key. Thus, to get access to the entire database, you only need to remember one single password. The database files are encrypted using most robust encryption techniques.

Is KeePass Password Manager free?

Yes, KeePass is free. It is a free open source and OSI certified program. Programmers and developers can take a look at it’s source code and see for themselves what security features are implemented .

Who uses KeePass?

Anyone who wants to rid off the hassle of remembering, losing and recover passwords. Anyone who wants to use a free password manager.

KeePass can be used by any one who wishes to use a password manager to store all the credentials at one safe place.

How many versions of KeePass are there?

There are three versions of KeePass :

  • The binary ZIP package ,portable version, of KeePass is called It doesn’t need to be installed. Simply unzip it using a packer application like WinZip and it will be ready to use.
  • KeePass-X.XXx-setup.exe: This installation package of KeePass is for Windows. To set up KeePass on your Windows machine, download the software and follow the installation instructions to get started.
  • This is KeePass’ source code. It has complete code required to build the program.

How to Install and Setup KeePass Password Safe on Windows?

This section explains how you can install and setup KeePass Password Safe on Windows.

Step 1: Download KeePass

  • Open any internet browser and navigate to the official website of  KeePass.
  • Accept the cookie authorization that is presented in a dialogue box.
  • Look for the KeePass 2.49 released option.
  • Click the download link.

  • Click ‘Download Now KeePass 2.49 setup.exe’ and the download will start to appear in browser’s download bar.

Step 2: Install Password Manager KeePass

  • Look for the executable program with ‘.exe’ in the ‘Downloads’.
  • Run the program.
  • Read the License Agreement and select ‘I agree’ to proceed.

Add Master Key in KeePass
Add Master Key in KeePass

  •  Make sure to select the right location where you want to install the KeePass software.

  • The next step displays the components to be installed in the system.
  • By default, the recommended components are pre-selected. You can simply click ‘Next’ to proceed.

  • After finishing all the steps, you should have a new icon appearing on your desktop. This signifies that your password manager has been installed correctly.

Step 3: How to get started with KeePass on Windows?

Now, you must be thinking ‘How do I start KeePass?’

Open up the KeePass password manager and the interface should look like this:

user interface after KeePass setup in windows

Create a Database in KeePass Password Safe

The first step to do is to create a database. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch KeePass and Choose New Database from the File menu.

New Database in KeePass
New Database in KeePass

  • As an alternative, you can select the toolbar’s leftmost button.

Create New Database in KeePass
Create New Database in KeePass

At this point, a Master key or passphrase for the database must be entered by you. When prompted, type a secure password and then type it again. Select ok and you should be good to go!

Add Master Key in KeePass

It is important to note that the passkey entered in the above step will be used to decrypt the database. Hence, you will need this passcode whenever you want to access KeePass. It is recommended to  memorize and even write it down somewhere.

Add Passwords in your KeePass Password Manager

Click ‘Add Entry’, with an image of a gold key and a green arrow, in the sidebar to add a record to the database .

How to Add Entry?
How to Add Entry?

You need to include the following details for each entry:

  • Group: Decide the group you wish to save the entry in. for example, create a ‘Social Media’ group to save your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest passwords.
  • Title: This serves as the entry’s description. This should be self explanatory and clear. Else, you might be lost when trying to find your password.
  • URL: This is the address of the website or platform for which you are saving the specific password entry.
  • Username: This is the username for the account.
  • Password: This is the secret phrase or password that needs to be saved.
  • Notes: You might want to add any miscellaneous notes for the entry. for example, you can add your security questions and answers that might help you change or recover password later on.
  • The strength of the passphrase you’ve selected is shown in the ‘Quality’ section. This feature lets you gauge the strength of the passkey you may have selected.

Add Entry In KeePass
Add Entry In KeePass

  • Click OK once you’ve finished the entry


Click ‘Save’ in the toolbar to save the database, with an image of a disk.

  • Give the database a name and location.

setup KeePass

Voila! You are on your way to add passwords to KeePass Password Manager.

Tip: How to use the KeePass auto-type feature?

Follow these steps to perform auto-fill on your forms:

  • Open the website or service that requires authentication.
  • Put the pointer in the “Username:” section on the form.
  • Select a passphrase entry after launching KeePass.
  • Type Ctrl-v or right-click the chosen entry and select perform Auto-Type to enter the username and password.

How to download KeePass XC on Ubuntu?

If you are using Linux, you can download the KeePass XC. Here are the steps to install KeePass on Ubuntu or  Linux Mint 20:

  • Open up the terminal.
  • Install the KeePass repository using this command
    • $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/KeePass –y
  • Once the repository is added, get the updated versions of all packages with this command
    • $ sudo apt-get update
  • Now, install KeePass
    • $ sudo apt-get install keepass2 -y
  • Once installed, you can launch the KeePass by a simple command:
    • $ keepass2
  • The user interface of KeePass will appear.
  • Go ahead and start building your password vault.

KeePass Password Manager in linux
KeePass Password Manager in Linux

How to install KeePass for Mac?

  • For MAC users, we suggest going with the KeePass XC package. Go to KeePass XC website and  download the DMG file that is compatible with your mac OS.

Download KeePass XC for Mac OS
Download KeePass XC for Mac OS

  • Click and drag KeePassXC DMG file to move it to the applications folder.

  • The KeePass XC icon should appear on your desktop.
  • Afterwards, click on the icon of KeePass XC that is now on your desktop.
  • The interface will look as follows:

KeePassXC on Mac
KeePassXC on Mac

You might like to read KeePass: 6 Basics of Getting Started with KeePassXC for Mac.

How to use KeePass on Android and iPhone?

There are many different password managers for both, Andriod and iPhone. Each software has its own pros and cons. However, we suggest that you go with the following software so that you can easily synchronize your password vault.

KeePass Droid for Andriod

  • KeePass droid is quite efficient for Android.
  • It has the capability to  auto fill for your online forms.
  • It offers synchronization with multiple cloud platforms.
  • Here’s the download link for KeePass Droid.

KeePassium for iPhone:

  • For a long time, KeePass was not really supported on iPhone but KeePassium has surely fixed it.
  • This software is definetly the way to go and we recommend it.
  • Here’s the link to KeePassium

How do I connect to KeePass on all my devices?

KeePass can be configured across all your devices. This saves you from the daunting task of managing passwords separately on each device. Switch to any of your device and easily access your credentials from one place.

All you need is a third-party cloud storage application to use KeePass and KeePass XC across different devices. It is recommended that you use OneDrive or Google Drive. KeePass droid and KeePassium both support its integration and its syncing is seamless and smooth.

The following steps are required to set up synchronization of KeePass on all devices:

  • Set up KeePass.
  • Construct a fresh KeePass database .
  • Instead of saving the database locally, make sure to save it in your Dropbox as shown below:
  • Download KeePass Droid and KeePassium.
  • The next step is to open the apps for synchronization.
    Sync options with KeePass


  • Select OneDrive or GoogleDrive for sync.
  • Enter the master passkey.

  • Now, you will be able to access your database easily.
  • The procedure for password syncing is the same in KeePass droid.


KeePass is an opensource and free password manager. It is a reliable and easy to use password manager. This article is a detailed guide on how to use KeePass and KeePass XC on your Mac, windows and Linux machines. Additionally, it explained how you can use KeePass on Android and iPhones. In the end, you learned how to synchronize KeePass across all your devices.

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