Mac Guide: How to Use and Customize Hot Corners on Mac OS Ventura

Mac Hot Corners

If you’re a Mac user, you might have come across the term “Hot Corners on Mac” while customizing your settings or exploring the operating system.

Hot Corners are a unique feature of Mac OS Ventura that allow you to perform certain actions with just a flick of your mouse pointer to a specific corner of your screen. Whether you’re looking to quickly access your desktop, activate the screensaver, or launch the Notification Center, Hot Corners offer a convenient and efficient way to do so.

In this article, we’ll dive into the basics of Hot Corners and show you how to set them up on your Mac.

What are Hot Corners on Mac?

Hot Corners is a feature in Mac OS that allows users to activate certain actions or functions by simply moving the cursor to a designated corner of the screen. This feature can be personalized to perform various tasks, such as showing the desktop, starting a screensaver, displaying Mission Control, or launching Notification Center.

Hot Corners can be accessed and customized through the System Preferences on a Mac. Once configured, Hot Corners can greatly enhance productivity and efficiency by allowing users to quickly execute common actions without the need for additional clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

Customize Hot corners on Mac

There are a few choices available for configuring Hot Corners in Mac OS Ventura.

Option 1: Mission Control

Mission control is one of Mac OS’s most useful features. You can set mission control as one of your hot corners to make your work seamless.

Mission Control

Option 2: Application Windows

In this option, the different windows in a single application are grouped together. This can be very useful if you open several windows of the same application and then wish to have a glance at them all at the same time.

Application Windows

Let’s say you are already a Stage Manager user. In that case, you might find it more convenient to use the application windows grouping feature within Stage Manager, instead of assigning a Hot Corner for the same purpose. Click here to read the detailed guide on how to use stage manager in Mac OS Ventura.

Option 3: Desktop

As its name suggests, this option allows you to quickly clear your screen and display your desktop, eliminating all clutter. Your active windows will move upwards, and you can easily restore them by dragging them back down. However, this can be a bit tricky as your cursor may get in the way of the menu bar. To bring back the active windows, you can simply click on the desktop Hot Corner again.

Desktop in Hot corner

Option 4: Notification Centre

The Notification Center will display the stack of notifications and widgets for you. This feature can be a matter of personal preference; while some may find it useful, others may find it bothersome.

A potential solution is to set the Notification Center as a Hot Corner and customize which notifications you want to receive. This can be done in the System Settings by accessing the Notifications section.

Notification Centre Hot Corner

Option 5: Launchpad

Launchpad must be opened to access any application, which is why many people keep it pinned to the dock for quick access. However, assigning a Hot Corner to open Launchpad can be a useful alternative, as it saves dock space by eliminating the need for a Launchpad icon.

Option 6: Quick Note

For fans of the “Note” app who like to jot down quick ideas, the Quick Note feature is an excellent option. By default, the bottom-right Hot Corner is set to Quick Note, allowing you to instantly access a new note and jot down your thoughts.

Hot Corners in Mac

Option 7: Start Screen Saver

Assigning a Hot Corner to activate the screen saver is a great way to protect your screen from prying eyes when you’re away from your desk. However, please note that this option does not lock your screen. If you want to ensure that no one can access your computer, be sure to use the Lock Screen feature.

Option 8: Disable Screen Saver

It seems that this option disables the screen saver, although it doesn’t make much sense since clicking anywhere on the screen would also remove the screen saver.

Option 9: Put Display to Sleep

When you activate the ‘Put Display to Sleep’ option on your Mac, the display is turned off temporarily to help conserve power while the computer is still running. The computer can continue to perform background tasks and receive updates, but the screen will remain blank until the user interacts with it by pressing a key or moving the mouse.

Option 10: Lock screen

The ‘Lock your screen’ option in Mac allows you to quickly and easily lock your computer screen, requiring a password to unlock it again. This is a security feature that can help protect your computer and any sensitive information on it from unauthorized access when you step away from your desk.

Once locked, the screen will display a login window requiring you to enter your password to regain access to your computer.

If you are using your workstation in a hostile environment or with people who may try to access your computer without your permission, assigning a hot corner to the “Lock your screen” option can be a very helpful security measure.

Option 11: – / None

Assigning the “Do Nothing” option to a hot corner means that when you activate that corner, no action will be taken. It essentially disables that hot corner and prevents it from triggering any function or action.

How to configure hot corners on Mac OS Ventura?

Here’s how to use hot corners on Mac:

  • Go to Apple Menu > System Settings.
  • Choose Desktop & Dock.
  • Click Hot Corners on the bottom right.
  • To utilize each desired corner, simply click on the pop-up menu and select an option like Notification Center, Launchpad, or Lock Screen
Customize Hot Corners
Customize Hot Corners
  • After making your selection, click on the “Done” button
Set Hot Corners on Mac OS Ventura
Set Hot Corners on Mac OS Ventura

How to disable hot corners on Mac?

Here’s how to disable a hot corner on Mac:

  • Go to System Settings > Desktop & Dock.
  • Scroll down and click the button ‘Hot corners’.
  • Select ‘-‘ in the desired hot corner.

By doing so, the hot corner will be deactivated, and no action will occur when the mouse hovers over it.

How to add a custom application in the hot corner?

Sometimes, you may wish to configure a personalized application for the hot corner, but the Mac does not offer any native means to do so. However, there are third-party tools available that enable you to bypass the default behavior of Mac shortcuts. Better Touch Tool is an example of such a tool that you may want to consider exploring.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Hot Corners is a handy feature on Mac OS Ventura that allows you to quickly access specific functions or actions by simply moving your mouse to a designated corner of the screen. With Hot Corners, you can easily trigger actions like launching the screensaver, activating Mission Control, or showing the desktop with just a flick of your wrist.

Moreover, Hot Corners can help you save time and streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to use keyboard shortcuts or navigate through menus. Overall, if you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to perform common tasks on your Mac, Hot Corners is definitely worth checking out.

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